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Whom can I contact for questions related to "OSRAM" branded lamps and light bulbs?

Until 2016, OSRAM had been serving both professional and private customers through a combination of various business segments. In the interest of unleashing the maximum market impact of each business segment, these business segments began operating in two distinct entities. Consequently OSRAM has sold the lamp business as newly established company LEDVANCE in 2016.

Further information about product portfolios of OSRAM & LEDVANCE as well as important FAQs concerning the relationship of both companies you will find on the page OSRAM & LEDVANCE.

  • For all specific product questions, replacement requests, technical issues, cost estimate requests, alternative products requests contact LEDVANCE GmbH:

Lamps and light bulbs that are branded "OSRAM" include following products:

  • OSRAM incandescent lamps,
  • OSRAM fluorescent lamps (e.g. DULUX, LUMILEX),
  • LED lamps (e.g. PARATHOM),
  • Discharge lamps (e.g. HCI, HQL, HQI),
  • High Intensity Discharge Lamps,
  • Halogen Lamps,
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps,
  • LED luminaries

Where do I find information regarding OSRAM Automotive products?

Where can I find important information and useful contacts for LIGHTIFY products?

  • For questions related to the LIGHTIFY platform, products and services visit the LIGHTIFY FAQ page.
    There you will find useful information about commissioning, operations and technical issues.

  • For information about the LIGHTIFY app, switching off the LIGHTIFY cloud servers and LIGHTIFY news, visit LIGHTIFY overview page.

Whom can I send my current CV for an application to a vacancy at OSRAM?

Discover current vacancies at OSRAM on OSRAM careers website. There you can directly apply to open positions and contact our colleagues for further questions.

Where do I find information regarding OSRAM products for entertainment applications?

Discover our entertainment product portfolio that includes:

  • Discharge lamps (e.g. XBO, SIRIUS HRI, HSD)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Fluorescent lamps (e.g. Studioline)
  • Lampholders

Find your local distributor.

Check out our technical and sales tools as well as our educational resources.

Discover our products for industrial applications that include:

  • Discharge lamps (e.g. HBO, HXP, XBO)
  • Halogen lamps (e.g. low-voltage lamps, Airfield)
  • Ultraviolet lamps and systems (e.g. UV-A, UV-C for purification)

Find your local distributor.

I would like to discuss possible cooperation with OSRAM and become a supplier. Whom can I conact?

  • For further questions please contact OSRAM Supplier Management:

Whom can I contact for questions related to RoHs compliance, country origin of OSRAM products, product samples, product replacements and product pricing?

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