Until recently, OSRAM had been serving both professional and private customers through a combination of various business segments. Now, in the interest of unleashing the maximum market impact of each business segment, these business segments will begin operating in two distinct entities. LED and traditional lamps are parting ways with the LEDVANCE brand that includes smart-home products and LEDVANCE over-the-counter lights for end consumers, effective immediately.

OSRAM, meanwhile, will be focusing on digital lighting solutions, smart-city and smart-building applications, and opto semiconductors for commercial customers. The following divisions will fall under the new structure for OSRAM solutions: Specialty Lighting and Automotive Lighting, Projection Lamps and Event Lighting, Opto Semiconductors (including its cross-sector LED, infrared and laser-component products), Lighting Solutions & Systems (the solution business that features lights and electronic components for projects), and the wholesale business.

Learn more about the new structure in the detailed description below:

Overview of the future LEDVANCE and OSRAM portfolios

As in the past, you will find innovative light solutions and services at OSRAM in the following fields:

Specialty Lighting

  • Automotive Lighting (for commercial and private customers)
  • Projection lamps (for commercial and private customers)
  • Event lighting

Opto Semiconductors

  • LED components (also infrared) and laser diodes
  • All fields of application: ranging from automotive, consumer electronics and industry, right through to general lighting

Lighting Solutions and Systems

  • Professional lighting solutions in fields of application such as office, industry, Smart City, retail and sports (for commercial and OEM customers)
  • Luminaires, lighting control and software as well as comprehensive service provision (project and solution business)
  • Over-the-counter/standard OSRAM brand luminaires (wholesale business)
  • Dynamic lighting solutions
  • Digital Systems – LED Light Engines and Modules, LED drivers and ballasts for traditional lamps
  • Light Management Systems and smart lighting products
  • LED lamps, traditional lamps for OEM luminaire makers
  • LIGHTIFY IoT Platform & Services
  • LIGHTIFY Professional

You will find the following products at LEDVANCE:

As a wholesale, trade and retail customer

  • LED lamps
  • Lamps (High Intensity Discharge Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps)
  • Over-the-counter/standard LEDVANCE LED luminaires for trade
  • Sales of Light Management Systems, LED modules as well as drivers and ballasts for OSRAM


As a private customer

  • LED lamps
  • Lamps (High Intensity Discharge Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps)
  • Smart Home products
  • LED luminaires



Your contact partner will as far as possible be the same in the future, since after the separation, those employees responsible will be moving over to the new business together with the products.

From (the beginning of) July 2016.

Yes. In general, the responsible employees and plants have moved over to the new company LEDVANCE together with the respective products. LEDVANCE products will however in certain isolated cases continue to be produced at OSRAM. Nothing will initially change about the production processes. Product quality will remain the same.

The lighting industry finds itself in a continuous state of change. In order to be able to respond to this change and remain competitive in the long term, businesses like OSRAM have to adapt to this. Through independence, LEDVANCE will gain more streamlined structures and creative freedom which will enable the new company to react quicker to changing market conditions and individual customer requirements.

Warranties will be preserved. The first contact partner in the event of a warranty claim is always the dealer which the consumer purchased the product from. The warranty arrangements will still be valid after sale of the lamp business.

OSRAM guarantees LEDVANCE guarantees

LEDVANCE is focused on general lighting for end customers, whereas OSRAM is also developing digital networked lighting solutions and components for industry, commercial and public customers.

OSRAM continues to offer luminaires and controls for professional applications, and will develop further solutions for these. Meanwhile, LEDVANCE has taken over the OSRAM luminaires and controls for residential applications, and is now also developing its own range of luminaires and controls for professional applications.

LEDVANCE supplies specialist shops and end consumers with a wide range of products ranging from LED and halogen lamps, right through to Smart Home products and LEDVANCE brand OTC lamps.


Yes, OSRAM is still pressing ahead with technological development of the LIGHTIFY Internet of Things Platform (IoT).

LIGHTIFY will be distributed for the household sector via LEDVANCE, whereas LIGHTIFY Professional as well as the IoT platform and its respective services which belong to both fields will be marketed by OSRAM. A precise product overview can be found here.

Should you have questions about OSRAM products, use the following contact options: www.osram.com/contact-worldwide

In the case of questions about LEDVANCE products, please send an e-mail to info@ledvance.com.