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The LIGHTIFY App for Android and Apple Smartphones or Tablets brings new possibilities and a whole lot of fun to your home. The operation is simple and every light setting can be customized and saved to ones wishes. The LIGHTIFY App is on your mobile phone with one simple click only…

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LIGHTIFY Vacation Mode

LIGHTIFY can give you a better sense of security by simulating your presence at home, if you are on a business trip or even on vacation. The supporting functionality offers a detailed set up in order to set your lights according to your usual daily routine. Hereby the agility, which is the average time interval between the light switching actions, can be set accordingly.

LIGHTIFY Dynamic Scenes

Light can be so much more – for the first time our dynamic scenes offer preset light variations, which can be set for a specific lamp or even an entire group. Always dreamed of the warmth of an open fire or the deep blue of the ocean? Using LIGHTIFY, you can choose from a variety of preset dynamic scenes such as fireplace, ocean or candy.

Scenes, Groups control

You have the option to control your lights individually or in groups. With the LIGHTIFY App you can choose which scenes with which light color or brightness will be shown. And with the LIGHTIFY Widgets you have an even faster access to your favorite settings on your smartphone, without having to open the LIGHTIFY App.


Now it gets colorful! At a garden party or for your birthday, the LIGHTIFY Loop ensures varied light by a button and that at a speed that you prefer. Start a fast run through for your color lamp with 5 seconds or choose a slow run through with up to 60 minutes. A hint from us - the LIGHTIFY Loop is especially popular at the reading hour just before bedtime for the little ones.

LIGHTIFY Wake-up Light

Start your day smooth and relaxed by using light to wake you comfortably. The LIGHTIFY Wake-up Light will dim up from a low brightness, warm tone to a bright daylight white and switch off at a desired time. And if you wish, additional wake up tones such as birdsongs or the sound of waves will help you getting up.


To offer a high flexibility, LIGHTIFY can be used fully automated. This is done through the usage of schedulers with which you are able to schedule up to 10 scenes or groups. Of course you also have access to your lights at home at all times through the connection of the LIGHTIFY Cloud and therefore can for example simulate your presence at home even when you are on a holiday.