LIGHTIFY Pro Arktika Luminaire


LIGHTIFY Pro Arktika Luminaire

Minimalist, flat design pendant luminaire
The ARKTIKA-P LED designer pendant luminaire is a real eye-catcher, on account of its minimalist, flat design. The ARKTIKA-P LED is suitable for computer screen workplaces and offers all the relevant properties for ideal office lighting. Each individual LED is surrounded by a reflector hexagon, creating the effect of a darklight reflector. Thus, the light produced by the LED is guided downwards with practically no loss, glare is limited, visual comfort increased and it can be controlled via LIGHTIFY Pro.

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Functions & benefits

  • Designed specifically for LEDs: extreme flat construction with low height of 8mm
  • For aesthetically sophisticated surroundings with an open, transparent spatial effect
  • Suitable for the illumination of VDU workplaces
  • Glare limitation via highly specular hexagonal darklight reflectors (UGR≤ 19)
  • Direct and indirect components for harmonious room atmosphere
  • Available as switchable version or with DALI interface
  • Innovative wireless light management LIGHTIFY® Pro

LIGHTIFY Pro Support

Additional Information & FAQ

Get more information on how to install LIGHTIFY Pro with our YouTube Video or simply order a LIGHTIFY Pro webinar to get a better understanding of the system.