LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App


LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App

You can configure the entire LIGHTIFY Pro lighting system here

You can configure the entire LIGHTIFY Pro lighting system using the LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning app. Here, you can set up all the functions, lighting scenes, lighting groups and time curves, assign individual parameters to push-buttons and sensors and allocate individual or grouped lighting scenes, such as color temperature, light color or preset sequences.

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Functions & benefits

  • System configuration app for the entire LIGHTIFY Pro system (available for iOS 8.x)
  • Simple, intuitive operation using "Touch" and "Drag & Drop"
  • Configuration of individual light points in a lighting group by swiping
  • Setup of dimming curves
  • Integration of sensors and push-button couplers by touching the app screen
  • Preconfigured light modes for "Single office", "Open-plan office", "Corridor" and "Staircase", etc.

LIGHTIFY Pro Support

Additional Information & FAQ

Get more information on how to install LIGHTIFY Pro with our YouTube Video or simply order a LIGHTIFY Pro webinar to get a better understanding of the system.