LIGHTIFY Pro Compact Recessed LED Luminaire


LIGHTIFY Pro Compact Recessed LED Luminaire

Efficient recessed luminaire for a wide range of uses

The Compact Recessed LED louver luminaire is the ideal replacement for T5 and T8 luminaires (4 x 18 watts) with standard module dimensions. Thanks to its cover with microprism structure, the luminaire achieves the necessary glare reduction for use in offices. In addition, its LED module already fulfills the Zhaga standard, meaning that its can be replaced with another Zhaga module in the future.

The Compact Recessed LED is laid into the ceiling without the need for tools. The electrical connection can be created normally or using a standardized Linect system.

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Functions & Benefits

  • System designed and matched for LED with very high efficiency
  • Ideal replacement for 3- or 4-lamp T16 and T26 luminaires
  • Simple replacement due to standard module dimensions
  • Timeless design with familiar form factors
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Available with DALI; optionally available with emergency light functionality
  • Innovative wireless light management LIGHTIFY® Pro

LIGHTIFY Pro Support

Additional Information & FAQ

Get more information on how to install LIGHTIFY Pro with our YouTube Video or simply order a LIGHTIFY Pro webinar to get a better understanding of the system.