LIGHTIFY Pro Lunis Luminaire


LIGHTIFY Pro Lunis Luminaire

The downlight of the LIGHTIFY Pro family
The Lunis 2 downlight is available with various lamp technologies (LED and conventional) and two sizes and offers a flexible light construction kit for high level aesthetics and functionality.
Thanks to their sophisticated installation technology (innovative spring quick fixing system) and associated accessories, the downlight can be mounted both with and without a cover ring in a flexible manner or absolutely flush with the ceiling.

Sample image on the left

The matched highly specular reflector ensures exact light distribution with various characteristics.

Functions & benefits

  • Precise optics with reflectors of ultra-pure aluminium
  • Outstanding colour rendering for the perfect display of objects
  • Optimal visual integration into the ceiling due to slender flat edge
  • Floating appearance due to shadow gap as a design feature
  • Flexibility in use with wide variety of beam patterns and optical accessories
  • Very simple and quick installation and disassembly via innovative rapid spring catch system
  • Innovative wireless light management LIGHTIFY® Pro

LIGHTIFY Pro Support

Additional Information & FAQ

Get more information on how to install LIGHTIFY Pro with our YouTube Video or simply order a LIGHTIFY Pro webinar to get a better understanding of the system.