Make standard light switches LIGHTIFY Pro-compatible

The LIGHTIFY Pro PBC is a 4-channel push-button interface for simple wall/flush type box installation. The easy attachment is supported by the compact housing design and the prewired connection cables. Very practical: You can continue to use existing switches, irrespective of the manufacturer. The functions of the push-button coupler are configured using the LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App.

Sample image on the left

Functions & benefits

  • Makes light switches wireless for numerous LIGHTIFY functions
  • Simple installation using existing structural features
  • Existing switches can be integrated easily into the LIGHTIFY Pro system
  • Housing of the coupler in existing flush type box
  • Connection to the existing power cable
Technical Data
Voltage220 - 240 volts
Power consumptionLess than 0.5 watts
Number of push-buttonsMaximum of 4 push-buttons
Dimensions (length x depth x width)4.5 x 4.5 x 1.8 centimeters

LIGHTIFY Pro Support

Additional Information & FAQ

Get more information on how to install LIGHTIFY Pro with our YouTube Video or simply order a LIGHTIFY Pro webinar to get a better understanding of the system.