The smart wireless light management system with mobile app control

LIGHTIFY Pro commences a new era in professional lighting. LIGHTIFY Pro is easy to set up in offices, law firms, agencies, doctors practices, restaurants and shops, for example, to provide completely flexible lighting. Configuring the wireless light management system is done via the commissioning app on a tablet PC (iOS). No walls need to be opened or cables routed for installation. Everything is wireless.

Top Benefits

LIGHTIFY Pro offers ultimate flexibility with installation and use. Everything is wireless and no walls need to be opened or cabling routed. Existing push-buttons and luminaires can be connected with LIGHTIFY to become a part of the wireless light management system. We also offer special LIGHTIFY luminaires for integration into the wireless system. In daily use, LIGHTIFY Pro is revolutionary. Push-buttons can still be used, but all functions are then immediately controllable using the tablet or smartphone app. The personal lighting desires of the user are fulfilled via mobile app.

The result: Energy-efficient and individually controllable lighting – matched precisely to the requirements of the building operators and users via the LIGHTIFY control app. Connect existing push-buttons and luminaires to LIGHTIFY Pro and control them wirelessly. Many preset functions are available. Many personal settings can also be added.

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Commissioning App


Download the LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App for the initial setup of LIGHTIFY Pro. You can install the Commissioning App for Apple Tablet PC's. This is the link for the Download:

LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning App for iOS (Apple) LIGHTIFY Pro PC Commissioning App for Windows

Control App


Download the LIGHTIFY Pro Control App to your Tablet PC or Smartphone for operation and light control, after the initial setup. These are the links for the iTunes Store and Google Play Store:

LIGHTIFY Pro Control App for iOS (Apple) LIGHTIFY Pro Conrol App for Android (Google Play)