OSRAM Kiosk: the most important catalogs for browsing and downloading

OSRAM Kiosk App

OSRAM Kiosk App

The OSRAM Kiosk App makes all the current OSRAM catalogs available to you in a digital version, for example the OSRAM Lighting Program, the OSRAM Retail Catalog and the OSRAM Indoor/Outdoor Luminaire Catalogs.

You simply select a catalog in the app, download it and you can then browse the digital catalog at your convenience. Double-clicking on the page provides an enlarged view to improve legibility. Each update of the app provides you with the latest version of each catalog.

Top functions

You can set a bookmark in any of the pages by touching the keyboard once. This allows you to find interesting pages again easily and quickly. The search function is also very practical. You can search all the content in each digital catalog using a full text search facility. You just enter your search topic using the keyboard and you see a selection of the pages where the search word or the word combination appear.

OSRAM Kiosk app: Technical requirements, costs and legal issues

1. What mobile platforms are supported by "OSRAM Kiosk" App?

Apple devices:
The "OSRAM Kiosk" is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Operating systems from iOS 6.o or higher are supported. "OSRAM Kiosk" provides its entire range of functions for all the above-named devices and operating system versions – although there may be some minor losses in animation flows.

Blackberry devices:
Blackberry smartphones are not supported.

2. Does the App need any other settings?

The functions of the OSRAM Kiosk app can be used without an internet connection. But to use a flip book in the app, it must be downloaded first to the device. The file size of a single flip books can be up to 500 megabytes (MB), so it is recommended not to download it via wireless telecommunications network. A stationary wireless internet access is more suitable.

3. Costs

What costs are associated with the "OSRAM Kiosk" App?

There is currently no cost for the "OSRAM Kiosk" app download from the App Store. But to download the individual flip books an internet connection is required. If there is no wireless web access the download will be provided via the data rate of the selected mobile operator. Each file size can be up to 500 megabytes (MB), so it is recommended to download the flip books only via stationary Wi-Fi access.

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