BackLED S Plus G15

Product family features
  • Connected with flexible cables
  • Type of protection (modules): IP66
  • Color rendering index Ra: > 80
  • CE marked and UL listed
Product family benefits
  • Uniform illumination at high LED pitches thanks to Square Lens technology
  • Modules are compatible with BackLED mounting profile
  • Significantly better application efficiency compared to systems without lenses
  • Several options for quick and simple mounting: bolting or snap-in
  • Excellent module efficacy
  • Very long lifetime
  • 5 year guarantee
Equipment / Accessories
  • BackLED mounting profile BA-SM-MP
  • Several types of OPTOTRONIC 12 V power supplies available


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Luminous flux per LED module
Nominal wattage per LED module
Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
5.7 lm 0.38 W 15.1 lm/W
24.7 lm 0.38 W 65.7 lm/W
13.5 lm 0.38 W 35.9 lm/W

Information about Family

BackLED S Plus G15, available in several variants, is a string of IP66-protected, robustly encapsulated LED modules that are connected by flexible cables. This CE marked and UL listed module is great if you want to install signage or illuminated advertising, or if you need to backlight small or flat channel letters, or single- or double-sided light boxes. You can site it permanently outside, if you put in an enclosed light box or channel letters. The many benefits of BackLED S Plus G15 include uniform illumination at high LED pitches thanks to square lens technology, and significantly better application efficiency than is achieved by systems without lenses. BackLED S Plus G15 is user-friendly; you can select bolting or snap-in options for mounting, it is compatible with the BackLED mounting profile, and it has a long lifespan. BackLED S Plus G15 comes with a 5 year guarantee.
Areas of application
  • Signage and illuminated advertising
  • Backlighting of small and/or flat channel letters
  • Backlighting of single and double-sided light boxes
  • Permanent outdoor use in enclosed light boxes or channel letters

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