Product family features
  • DALI trailing-edge phase dimmer
  • Dimming of high voltage halogen and incandescent lamps
  • Dimming of many common dimmable line voltage LED lamps
  • Dimming of electronic transformers
  • Standby power consumption: < 0.5 W
  • DALI/Touch DIM control signal
  • Short-circuit protection, overload protection, overtemperature protection: electronically reversible
  • RI suppression: to EN 55015 (A1: 2007)
  • Line harmonics according to EN 61000-3-2
  • Safety: to EN 61347
  • Immunity according to EN 61547
  • Device fits also for special applications where dimming below 1 % is required
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for all OSRAM HALOTRONIC and ET-PARROT ECGs
  • Suitable for all dimmable OSRAM line voltage LED lamps

Information about Family

This DALI trailing edge phase dimmer can be used with many common, dimmable, line voltage LED lamps, high voltage halogen and incandescent lamps and electronic transformers. A HALOTRONIC dimmer module gives you DALI/Touch DIM control signal and is suitable for use in special applications where you need to dim below 1 %. With immunity to EN 61547, safety to EN 61347 and providing protection from overtemperature, short-circuit and overload (electronically reversible), this is a high quality product that will give you reliable protection and service. Its standby power consumption is <0.5 W.