LINEARlight Colormix Overall Module

Product family features
  • Design-oriented complete module with integrated optics
  • Multichip RGB LEDs (LR28CA, LR18CE)
  • Individual RGB LEDs (LR18CP)
  • Integrated SMD plug connector (male/female) on both sides of the PCB
Product family benefits
  • Very flat construction height: 13 mm
  • Adequate heat removal thanks to aluminum housing
  • Modules can be easily joined together to make seamless strip lighting
  • The modules are compatible with each other
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to a lifetime of up to 50,000 h (L70/B50)
Equipment / Accessories
  • CONNECTsystem LR
  • Mounting brackets LD-MB


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Rated wattage
Data sheet
LR28CA 560-L2050
10.10 W 560.0 mm

Information about Family

Infuse your LED installation with color, using modules from the LINEARlight Colormix Overall Module range. These design-oriented, flat (13 mm high) modules have RGB LEDs and integrated optics and are compatible with each other, so you can select exactly the light required to meet your needs. Choose from multichip RGB LEDs (LR28CA, LR18CE) and/or individual RGB LEDs (LR18CP), use them for restaurants, bar lighting, architainment, effect lighting (LR28CA), background lighting (LR18CE), wall washing and mood lighting (LR18CP); use one product from the family or a mix — there is an option within the range for all of these applications and more. With integrated SMD plug connectors (male/female) on both sides of the PCB, heat removal via the aluminum housing and compatibility with various accessories, the LINEARlight Colormix Overall Module integrates easily into a system or custom installation, and brings a welcome burst of color to many settings.
Areas of application
  • Restaurants
  • Architainment
  • Shops
  • Mood lighting and wallwashing (LR18CP)
  • Effect lighting (LR28CA)
  • Background lighting (LR18CE)