Product family features
  • Energy Efficiency Index EEI: A2
  • Supply voltage: 220…240 V
  • Line frequency: 50…60 Hz
  • RI suppression: to EN 55015/CISPR 15
  • Safety: to EN 61347-2-12
  • Line harmonics according to EN 61000-3-2
  • Immunity according to EN 61547
Product family benefits
  • Optimized cost/benefit factor
  • Compact dimensions and low weight for small luminaire designs
  • Automatic safety shutdown of lamps in the event of a defect or at end of life (EoL)


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Nominal voltage
Lamp wattage
Ignition voltage
Data sheet
PT-FIT 35/220…240 S
220…240 V 110.0 mm 30.0 mm 39 W 4.5 kVp
PT-FIT 70/220…240 S
220…240 V 110.0 mm 30.0 mm 73 W 4.5 kVp

Information about Family

The POWERTRONIC PT-FIT S is an electronic control gear (ECG) that you use with high intensity discharge lamps and install within the luminaire. With an energy efficiency index of A2, it gives you a great cost/benefit balance and is good for use in shoplighting, health and fitness areas (as long as it is installed in a dry and corrosion-resistant area) and for the creation of effect and accent lighting. The compact size and light weight of this ECG make it easy to install in even small luminaires, and the POWERTRONIC PT-FIT S provides the reassurance of automatic safety shutdown of lamps in the event of defect or end of lifespan.
Areas of application
  • Shop lighting
  • Health and fitness areas (in luminaires with protection class IP66 or higher)
  • Effect and accent lighting

Safety advice
Ballast losses and lamp heat radiation can lead to heat accumulation in a completely closed case. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the temperature at the measuring point t of the ECG does not exceed the maximum value.
For safety reasons disconnect the device before replacing the lamp!

Ecodesign regulation information:
Separate control gear and light sources must be disposed of at certified disposal companies in accordance with Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE) in the EU and with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 in the UK. For this purpose, collection points for recycling centres and take-back systems (CRSO) are available from retailers or private disposal companies, which accept separate control gear and light sources free of charge. In this way, raw materials are conserved and materials are recycled.