PrevaLED SKY G2 Module

Product family features
  • Available with color temperature: 3,000 K, 4,000 K or 6,500 K
  • 5 different optical lenses for diverse application
  • Type of protection: IP66 and IK08
  • Lifetime: up to 50,000 h (at 450 mA and 700 mA)
  • Lifetime: up to 35,000 h (at 960 mA)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -30…90 °C
  • Certificates: CE, CB, CQC
  • Color rendering index Ra: 70
Product family benefits
  • High module efficacy: up to 152 lm/W
  • Integrated heat sink for optimal thermal management and tailored optical design


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Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
PL-SKY-G2 730L100X100 W/P
129 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 730L100X60 W/P
129 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 730L60X60 W/P
129 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 730L150X80T40C W/P
129 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 730L150X80T40S W/P
129 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 740L100X100 W/P
135 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 740L100X60 W/P
135 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 740L60X60 W/P
135 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 740L150X80T40C W/P
135 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 740L150X80T40S W/P
135 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 765L100X100 W/P
132 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 765 L 100x60 W/P
132 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 765L60X60 W/P
132 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 765L150X80T40C W/P
132 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 765L150X80T40S W/P
132 lm/W
PL-SKY-G2 840L100X100 W/P
132 lm/W

Information about Family

Areas of application
  • Area illumination for Highbay, Lowbay and Canopy light for industry and outdoor application
  • Billboard and floodlight
  • Street lighting for ME1 and ME2 road class



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