Dynamic light

Dynamic light welcomes visitors and customers, supports orientation, has a prestigious appearance and communicates a modern corporate image.

Dynamic lighting solutions are especially noticeable with high impact, i.e. white or coloured light that modifies its colour, direction or intensity.

Dynamic exterior lighting can also be specifically used as a marketing tool and instrument of design. With logos and other image carriers it is able to communicate the corporate identity of a company or establishment and emphasise a positive image. Facade lighting with spectacular colour chases not only upgrades the appearance of an office building for example but the complete urban surroundings.

After seeing the facade outside, customers and visitors entering foyers and reception areas gain a second highly important impression. Dynamic light provides an especially warm welcome, facilitates orientation and communicates a modern image inside the building as well.

Furthermore, dynamic lighting solutions make specific rooms and areas even more attractive, e.g. by displaying individual stories in specific colours or by using special designs with light for exhibition areas and other prestigious spaces.

Corridors and stairways are also important parts of the interior architecture. Long corridors have a more interesting appearance and are less monotonous with changing, coloured light or by dynamically highlighting pictures. Corridors should also be prestigiously designed if used for communication and meeting purposes, for example with customers.

Dynamic light – effective, efficient and simpler than expected
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