The office habitat

With the transformation in demands placed on people in modern office environments, the demands made on the classic office place of work also changes – it becomes a habitat. HCL concepts from OSRAM Lighting Solutions contribute to ideally designing such living environments.

The classic image of workers at their desks is now a thing of the past. Today's offices increasingly serve as meeting points and communication centres, as factories of knowledge and as expanded habitats. The trend is going away from single offices and closed doors towards open office solutions with a diversity of zones for work, communication and regeneration. Factors of well-being such as comfort and ergonomic workstations are becoming ever more important with office design as well.

Lighting is an integral component when designing modern offices, and the largest problem here is usually the reduced ingress of daylight – many rooms have only a few windows or none at all. With large room structures the natural quantity of light decreases towards the rear of the space.

The aim of Human Centric Lighting is to significantly improve the lighting situation for greater well-being and performance capability, as well as achieving optimum synchronisation with the outdoor environment.

Key points of HCL designs

  • Wide-area, indirect lighting > creation of artificial sky
  • High vertical illuminances
  • Dynamic white colour temperatures
  • Dynamic light control
  • Large window areas with ideal transmission
  • Daylight systems for specific light targeting
  • Highly reflective surfaces, spectrally aselective

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