Individual light for workplace

The Bavarian State Medical Board - Munich, Germany

OSRAM Lighting Solutions provides intelligent light for the offices of the Bavarian State Medical Board in Munich, Germany.As part of upgrading the lighting, OSRAM Lighting Solutions supplied an individual and highly efficient lighting solution for the offices and conference rooms.


カテゴリー: Office
場所: Munich
Technology: LED
年: 2015

With help of state-of-the-art multi-sensors and the DALI Eco control system, the suspended LED luminaires installed are now controlled according to daylight, occupancy and movement. This annually saves up to 65% in energy.

The Bavarian State Medical Board with headquarters in Munich, Germany is one of 17 German medical chambers that supports 75,000 Bavarian doctors as their legislative professional association. The office and conference rooms were upgraded in 2015 with around 700 ARKTIKA luminaires. The ultra-flat and computer screen-compliant designer luminaires float by two thin wires, and create highly pleasant room atmospheres thanks to a combination of direct and indirect light components.

The luminaires were also combined with state-of-the-art sensor and control technology. Multi-sensors and the DALI Eco control system implement presence and motion detection as well as control of light according to levels of daylight. Users can also additionally control the luminaires individually using push-buttons (on/off and dimming).

The passive infrared PR3 sensor is installed in the ceiling, and although hardly recognisable for observers still features high performance. The sensor detects the occupancy of people at workstations and enables motion detection in the room. Control is implemented in semi-automatic mode. If an employee enters the room in the morning he presses the button to activate the lighting. The system adds the required quantity of artificial lighting according to the ingress of daylight until an illuminance level of 500 lux is achieved, as valid for office spaces. If nobody is in the room any more, lighting is dimmed down to 10% after 15 minutes and switches off completely after a further 10 minutes.

The DALI Eco multifunctional light management system is a simple plug & play solution. Commissioning can be simply and conveniently carried out using a remote control. A completely automatic nominal value setting is set with the press of a button, based on the illuminance level specified by the lighting design.


Planner:Burger & Partner, Engineers for Technical Building Equipment
Client:Bavarian State Medical Board