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January 7 - 10, 2020

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OSRAM @ CES 2020

By developing some of the world’s most innovative technologies, Osram is enhancing the human experience in four core areas

Mobility: In addition to Rinspeed’s MetroSnap vehicle Osram offers a first glimpse into the future of automotive exterior lighting and show how it’s possible to use rear lighting as a way to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Safety & Security: Osram’s infrared (IR) light sources enable in-cabin monitoring on Rinspeed’ MetroSnap, as well as 3D facial recognition systems that more evenly illuminate the driver’s face using IR light for greater safety and theft protection.

Connection: Osram’s intelligent LED technology impressively demonstrates how dynamic information can be transmitted in an autonomous driving scenario. Multifunctional, intelligently controllable headlamps do more than just illuminate the road. EVIYOS enables visual warnings or symbols on the road to other drivers and can even indicate to pedestrians that they are seen by the vehicle.

Well-Being: Osram offers a wide range of LED emitters, detectors and modules for vital sign and heart rate monitoring on smartphones, as well as spectroscopy applications that can instantly analyze food and provide information such as calorie content, freshness and quality.

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RINSPEED metroSNAP: Concept Car

Rinspeed concept car 2020 "MetroSnap" launched at the OSRAM booth

In the Rinspeed concept car 2020 MetroSnap, Osram provides the following:


• Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology

• Intelligent display systems

• 3D facial recognition, palm recognition and iris scanning systems.

• Intelligent ambient lighting and human-centric lighting

• In-cabin monitoring

OSRAM @ Rinspeed Concept Cars