SIRIUS HRI Lamp Family

SIRIUS HRI Lamp Family

Product benefits
  • High luminance due to very short arc and high internal pressure
  • Bright light for brilliant light effects
  • Long lifetime
  • Lightweight and compact reflector lamps with ECG
  • Optimized burner design allows any burning position
  • Easy relamping
  • Uniform light output throughout the entire lifetime
Areas of application
  • Perfect for small and lightweight moving heads

Safety advice
Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and high internal pressure during operation, SIRIUS HRI lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Appropriate filters must ensure that UV radiation is reduced to an acceptable level. Mercury is released if the lamp breaks. Special safety precautions must be taken. Information on safety and handling is available on request or can be found in the leaflet included with the lamp or in the operating instructions.

Family datasheet

Electrical data

Nominal wattage 100.00 W
Nominal current 1.8 A
Nominal voltage 62.0 V
Ignition voltage 2.5 kVp

Photometrical data

Nominal luminous flux 3680 lm
Color temperature 9000 K
Color rendering index Ra 60
Maximum color temperature 9300 K

Light technical data

Focal length 30.0 mm
Aperture window, maximum 5x3.8 mm

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 45.0 mm
Length 53.0 mm
Arc length 1.0 mm


Lifespan 6000 h


Burning position Any
Cooling Forced



Dimension l x w x h



4052899329119 FS
4052899329126 VS
186mm x 96mm x 115mm 261.00g 2.05dm³